Lau Siew Ying Grace

Major: Digital Animation


Project Genre: Stop Motion (2 minutes long)

Project Role: Director, Set Designer, Storyboard Artist, Animator and Video Editor

Project Description: It is a sunny afternoon. A boy, Bobbie and his dog, Toffee are chilling at the park, listening to their favourite music. As both of them take a glance at the beautiful surroundings, they notice a beautiful girl and dog at different sides of the park. Instantly, they become lovestruck. Bobbie and Toffee decide to chase after the girl of their dreams. However, neither of the two is willing to come to compromise as to which direction they should go. The duo end up in a fight and leave in separate ways.

Lovestruck Screenshot 1

Previous student: Kitisuwanakul Kamonchanok (Kit)

Next student: Lim Mei Jia Centaine