Hokkien Me

Project Genre: Motion Graphics Film (approx. 2 minutes 30 seconds)

Project Role: Motion Designer

Project Description: In every nationality, there will definitely be different groups and communities that speak their own dialects and practice the dialect’s cultures. These are usually common among the elderly or the older generations in present day. Due to modernization, these dialects begin to diminish and are at the risk of disappearing from the younger generations. Hokkien Me is an animation that explores the fusion of personal experiences and motion graphics where elements are created from memory for the film. The film aims to create an interest in learning and preserving the diminishing dialects by creating connections between the audience and their past.

Hokkien Me Screenshot 1
Hokkien Me Screenshot 2
Hokkien Me Screenshot 3

Previous student: Patricia Teo Thiam Joo

Next student: Seok Jung Hyun