Jingle All The Way

Project Genre: 2D Animation (2 minutes 42 seconds long)

Project Role: Animator and Visual Development Artist

Project Description: Jingle All the Way is a 2D animation which is done in Toon Boom and Adobe Illustrator. The characters are inspired from the people in the 50s with a slight quirkiness. It is about a perfect family having their perfect time preparing for Christmas. However, that perfect moment is destroyed when suddenly, there was an earthquake. As they are being thrown everywhere, they finally hit an unknown object. Only then did they realize that they were actually inside a snow globe. The earthquake occurs when there is a boy shaking the snow globe.

Jingle All The Way Screenshot 1
Jingle All The Way Screenshot 2
Jingle All The Way Screenshot 3

Previous student: Ng Weng Chi

Next student: Patricia Teo Thiam Joo