Eat, Pray, Bird

Project Genre: Animated Film (approx. 4 minutes 25 seconds long)

Project Role: Modeler, Rigger, Character Designer and Technical Assistant

Project Description: An apprentice monk is tasked to endure 7 gruelling days without food or rest in a secluded bamboo forest amongst the mountain peaks. The monk came prepared with food to cheat, but was held back by his master’s presence. A hungry bird steals his food and now he has to get his food back without alerting his master. The bird however, proved to be an evenly matched adversary, and the monk grows desperate while he struggles for survival. In the delicate balance between the master’s watchful gaze and the feathered annoyance, the monk finds enlightenment in the most unexpected way.

Eat, Pray, Bird Screenshot 1
Eat, Pray, Bird Screenshot 2

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Next student: Tan Ping Hao