Project Genre: Animated Film (approx. 3 minute 43 seconds long)

Project Role: Background Artist, and Color Stylist

Project Description: Oohara Masao is a regular salaryman with a secret. When his girlfriend is attacked by a flasher on her way home, he rushes to her rescue upon receiving her call for help. Once at the scene, he transforms into the superhero Baraman and rescues her. However, the flasher senses his weakness and attempts to embarrass him in front of his girlfriend but to no avail. With the support of his girlfriend, Baraman gains his confidence and defeats the flasher, realizing that he does not have to be a superhero alone.

Baraman Screenshot 1
Baraman Screenshot 2
Baraman Screenshot 3

Previous student: Lim Mei Jia Centaine

Next student: Mohammad Zuhairee Bin Ramlan