Goh Tai Meng Augustus

Major: Product Design



Project Genre: Meditational Lighting

Project Description: The product takes inspiration from the abstract qualities of the basic Hindu elements of the Om and Bindu to induce psychedelic illusions and effects. This is through a stimulation of the pineal gland from the flashing light in the center, metaphorically representing the Bindu. Users will enter a meditative state to relax, recharge and refocus. In addition, the concept of the Om’s continuity is further demonstrated through a continuous ring in the ambient lighting system that is in sync with the different frequencies of the Om. Both light systems complement each other to create an optimal sensory experience for users.

Nada Screenshot 1
Nada Screenshot 2
Nada Screenshot 3

Previous student: Goh Sze Yin Sherri

Next student: Gwendolyn Peh Xin Yi