A Joy Forever

Project Genre: Play Objects For Young Children

Project Description: Based off the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner and the Waldorf education, A Joy Forever explores a child’s imaginative and exploratory development through play and exposure. It strives to captivate the child in endless possibilities; driving open-ended play. Meaningfully designed, these play pieces support environmental sustainability and will, in time to come, become a timeless treasure. These unassuming wooden pieces provide a surprise element through the incorporation of embedded magnets — designed to be free-rotating to eliminate frustrations and issues over repulsion of fixed polarities. Through play experiences and engagements, these pieces prompt tactile and formal awareness, help challenge creativity and thinking in the child.

A Joy Forever Screenshot 1
A Joy Forever Screenshot 2
A Joy Forever Screenshot 3

Previous student: Goh Tai Meng Augustus

Next student: Ho Kwok Peng Augus