Boardgame: Immortal

Project Genre: Tabletop Game

Project Description: Boardgame: Immortal is a tabletop game with mechanics derived through thorough research in the topics of Reincarnation and Salvation. The game draws inspiration from the teachings of the major religions of the world and their ideas of Salvation or Immortality. With reference to the Hindu concept of the four Yogas, four myths have been chosen to be represented within the board game. These myths are then broken down using Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth such that the stages of spiritual progression could be identified. The game also explores themes such as Karma, Fame and Sin in an attempt to guide players spiritually and morally. Essentially, through this board game, players will be able to find out what Salvation and Immortality mean to themselves, while being exposed to the concepts of Reincarnation and Karma.

Boardgame: Immortal Screenshot 1
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