Juliana Lim Hui Xin

Major: Product Design


Spoon Up

Project Genre: Fashion

Project Description: Spoon Up demonstrates how a simple object like the disposable plastic spoon can create interesting and intriguing textures through application of colours, manipulation of original shapes; making ordinary and familiar objects seem extraordinary and unfamiliar. As used disposable plastic spoons remain unrecycled, Spoon Up upcycles them into various products through applying them onto daily objects to create captivating and engaging forms. The work visualizes an artistic interpretation of forms in nature. They are seen as dualistic or contradictory. The coexistence of familiarity with floral and fauna shapes and strangeness of use of material stirs the imagination.

Spoon Up Screenshot 1
Spoon Up Screenshot 2
Spoon Up Screenshot 3

Previous student: Joyce Tan Shi Hui

Next student: Lim Yongquan Wilson