Design for Displaced People

Project Genre: Tools and Processes, Cultural Preservation

Project Description: This project takes the designer into the world of the displaced, that by understanding their way of living, to design and create a system that uses a worktable as a platform to help preserve part of their culture that is defined by communal living through the building of a small­-scale industry. A set of tools is designed for various systems and processes to craft ethnic musical instruments and other cultural elements for the craftsmen in their displaced groups. The tools and systems designed with the worktable platform are the rope+plank clamp, specialized templates, storage systems and a semi­-auto drilling/cutting system.

Design for Displaced People Screenshot 1
Design for Displaced People Screenshot 2
Design for Displaced People Screenshot 3

Previous student: Quek Poh Hoon Joanne

Next student: Tay Yang Heng