Stephanie Teo Rui Shan

Major: Visual Communication

Treehouse for Papa

Project Genre: Multimedia Installation

Project Description: Treehouse for Papa proposes a new construction of a treehouse coming out of a research process into family relationships and displacement. The project revisits childhood memories, from a house and a treehouse built by my father in Seletar Camp 15 years ago. They have since been demolished and my family moved to a HDB flat in Woodlands. My “revisiting” of these important structures from my childhood is not intended to capture a nostalgic moment locked in sepia-­tinged past, but to reenergize a family dynamics in such a way that recognizes complexities, divergences, pluralities and differences. The installation seeks to communicate the fragmented elusive work of memory and how family interactions evolve through radically changing experiences of place, space and time.

Treehouse for Papa Screenshot 1
Treehouse for Papa Screenshot 2
Treehouse for Papa Screenshot 3

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